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To our valuable Customers, Shareholders and Employees,

TİSAŞ Trabzon Silah Sanayi moving with the vision to “be the pioneer company” since its establishment, keeps on leaving permanent marks in its industry.

Our company with a background of almost quarter-century, and competitive and dynamic structure has become a company which is always followed in its industry thanks to its “customer-oriented” studies carried out in the defence industry. Its investments, technological infrastructure and experienced staff have made TİSAŞ unescapable with its customer satisfaction level without compromising on quality.

The honour to meet pistol needs of the National Armed Forces has motivated us for greater targets and as a result of export studies already started we are now exporting 80 percent of our throughput. With such a route towards which we are canalized we aim to communicate the “MADE IN TURKEY” phenomenon throughout the world, especially in defence industry.

Specific products designed and manufactured by TİSAŞ are one of the most important elements of our competitive power. Thanks to resources allocated by us to R&D and such products developed by us, the brand “ZİGANA” has risen to prominence. Our Ankara and İstanbul Regional Directorates and distributors in foreign countries are the main constituents in terms of raising the bar.

By setting sail for new horizons for the sake of both meeting foreign demand and in response to requirements of our Defence Industry, production of Zigana Infantry Rifle (ZPT) is initiated, from looking at the experience we have obtained, being rightful pride in production of 7.62 and 5.65 caliber long barrelled weapon has great importance for us.

Our company has made a difference in its industry through social responsibility projects and provided a model for many establishments. With its Environmental Management System already in force for its manufacturing processes, our company carries out important activities in terms of waste reduction and recovery at source for waste generated during manufacturing processes. In its studies for Occupational Safety initiated with Zero Occupational Accident target, welfare and well-being of our employees in a safe and secure environment are essential elements of our general policy.

Our company, by investing in R&D, innovation and human resources, focusing on new markets, enhancing its predominance in existing markets and by maintaining its competitive behaviour, is taking firm steps towards its targets.

Thanks to our employees, vendors, distributors for their significant contribution to TİSAŞ Trabzon Silah Sanayi to our customers due to their confidence in our products and to our shareholders who always support our company. Sincerely yours;


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