Claiming that it is necessary not only to produce but also to be able to produce for a cheaper price at higher quality and deliver in time in order to grow, improve and compete with the rivals in the world market, TISAS has made a name in the sector with its innovations.

Its corporate perception aiming at responding to the customers’ demands one step ahead has directed TISAS to expand not only to Turkey but also the whole world. Having had the honour of supplying for the needs of Turkish Armed Forces in 2004, our company turned towards export and started to exist in the world market in the same year. Our company had an outstanding success as a result of the “ATF Form 4590 Factoring Criteria for Weapons” investigations and tests conducted by U.S. Department of Justice. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and realized its first export.

Drawing attention with production of full automatic handguns, TISAS was placed among the sector leaders with its successful initiatives in exports and became the company which is the most preferred company in numerous countries and referred to as a brand.

Setting the bar even higher with its investments and know how, TISAS has made a joint production decision as a result of the protocol signed with Azerbaijan Ministry of Defence in 2010 and broke new ground in the sector by exporting “know how”.

Today, TISAS has the honour of offering most of its production to almost 30 countries in 7 continents from the United States of America to Pakistan, from Azerbaijan to Philippines and from South Africa to Costa Rica with its technical infrastructure, experience and continuous improvement perception.

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