Safety Rules

  • Person who use gun is responsible for preventing potential accidents. No jokes should be made with pistol regardless of its purpose.
  • If you will use pistol first time, shoot under the supervision of shooting instructor by going to shooting range.
  • Always wear safety googles and ear-muffs.
  • Obey safety rules and make it a habit.
  • Assume your pistol is always loaded. When you do not use, store your pistol empty.
  • Be sure if you utilize eligible type of cartridge. Keep pistol and cartridges away from the conditions like moisture, humidity, etc.
  • In case no emergency is available, do not keep cartridge in chamber.
  • If you are required to carry your pistol in “ready for firing” position, turn safety plunger off. For safety of your pistol, its safety plunger should be at “SAFETY” position.
  • Do not point your pistol to human target or the objects to which you do not want to shoot.
  • Touch trigger only to shoot. Otherwise, do not hold your finger on trigger.
  • While loading and unloading pistol, point barrel to a safe direction.
  • To avoid from dangerous bouncing, do not shoot on hard surfaces and water.
  • In carrying pistol, do not use alcohol and drug.
  • Be sure you use a clean and well-kept pistol. Realize regular maintenance.
  • Store pistol in places where uninformed persons and children cannot access.
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