Technical Sufficiency

Operating in the defence industry for almost quarter century, TISAS offers you perfect products by combining its experience with the advanced technology.

TISAS, which manufactures the products itself by obtaining the raw materials required for production from first hand, has complicated production lines which combines different metal removal techniques in various groups.

In accordance with the recommendations of professionals in use of firearms and with the market demands, TISAS R&D Department creates new and original products and prototype using special CAD software and test the visual and systemic compliance of these products with appropriate software. Various criteria such as compliance, ergonomic structure of the operating system, firing performance are determined within the scope of these software. The department also verify its design outputs and confirm the compliance of the prototype production by means of solid modelling techniques and 3D printers.

Production applications are integrated with MRP system and all processes are recorded. Data such as unit cost, production time are created as easily accessible by means of this system. Optimization works carried out as a result of statistical methods are easily integrated into the system.

High sensitivity and pneumatic connection systems and CNC counters constitute a major part of the metal cutting. These counters integrated with special CAM software systems are supported with cutting tools fit for purpose and methods in which human factor is minimized. Metal cutting on multiaxial counters reduces equipment requirements and provides flexibility in production as well as increasing the production rate. By using special fixtures in transition among models, downtime is minimized. By means of the 6ð (Six sigma) technique implemented within the company, measurement, analysis, optimization and control of the processes is carried out in a controlled manner.

One of the most important parts, the Barrel is completely manufactured by TISAS with cold forging method. Having the capability to manufacture barrels in every diameter and length, TISAS offers high firing guarantee to its products with this production method which is well accepted in the world.

Heat treatment and plating departments in the special process class carry out their operations in accordance with predefined processes and in association with automation systems. This department, which brings all metal pieces to appropriate hardness with the two heat treatment facilities it has, is able to check the material structure down to microstructure by means of the laboratory established within itself. The plating that should be implemented to the product is carried out in the baths prepared in appropriate recipes in the plating facilities. Appropriate plating thickness are controlled with special devices in accordance with the operating system.

Both production processes and the firing control tests of the product are carried out by our experienced team at 100% level. The compliance of the control devices used in production line are controlled by means of subjecting to calibration in laboratories with special test devices. Compliance of these laboratories is inspected by accredited organizations. Firing compliance is carried out and confirmed in the firing range prepared for the purpose and in accordance with required NATO Standards.

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